15 July 2007

Bike 1 - by Annelogue

Bike 1, originally uploaded by Annelogue.

This is a photo from another Copenhagen Flickrite - Annelogue.

For some reason, out of the blue (or red?) I remembered this shot yesterday - from ages and ages ago. I scoured my Favourites and was thrilled to find it again.

It's just as I remember it. A beautiful shot but all the more beautiful because it is completely scented with Copenhageniciousness. Be sure to click on the photo to see it it's full size - I don't know why photos appear like this when I blog them.

1 comment:

Annelogue said...

Thank you for blogging this! It's shot one rainy evening outside the red window next to Ideal Bar at Vega in Copenhagen. I love to photograph in the rain...as long as I have an umbrella to cover my camera, that is.

To adjust the size of the photo to your blog just add the following to the photo url: width="250" height="187.5" (change the numbers to fit the size of your blog column).

Thanks again!