30 July 2007

Danish Cargo Bikes

Danish bikes have global reputations, but it is in the cargo bike niche market that things are really moving forward for Danish Design.

The Nihola is the cargo bike with the most awards and the best reputation. www.nihola.info. Lightweight and roomy, it also comes in varying sizes.

It is this bike that has enjoyed a massive export market and it can be seen all over Europe.

The Sorte Jernhest [Translation: Black Iron Horse] is a classic. The design is radically different and, despite it's weight, it is a pleasure to ride.

The Cash & Carry bike is the cheapest on the market. Doesn't make it great, however. But you see many of them on the streets.

The Christiania bike [not pictured] basically started it all on the Danish market. It is much heavier than the present competition but it remains a staple on the streets of Copenhagen. It's a legend in it's own time.

Then you have the Triobike. A 3 in 1 solution to your urban, European needs. A bike on it's own, a stroller and a cargo bike. www.triobike.com


Andrea Casalotti said...

Are you sure about the Nihola being the most exported trike? Here in London we sell mostly Christiania tricycles and they are much lighter to ride than the Niholas

markstos said...

Are there many of the "van Andel" style of bakfiets in Copenhagen?

Ana S. said...

One of the greatest blogs Iv ever seen!
Thank you very much for creating it! Very informative and interesting.
I wish we had the same bike culture in Israel, but i guess it will take some time :) (we, bikers, don't give up).
Thaks again for great blog, I'm posting the link in my blog for my friends to see :)
(my blog is on Hebrew, I apologize u, probably, cannot read it).