11 August 2007

Family Bike

Family Bike, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

You have to admit that Copenhageners are creative when it comes to their bikes. This is one of the more creative doubling versions I've seen. Mother and son heading home in the afternoon.

Ahead is a bridge, though, and I'm sure he'll hop off for the climb.


Fritz said...

That's awfully cozy!

16:9 said...

Indeed! I think it's a cool variation on the doubling concept!

Erik Griswold said...

This is now illegal in Copenhagen. The fine is now DKK 700:


Mikael said...

It was illegal before, too. But the same rule applies. The bicycle must be "adapted to passenger use". Very few of these cases have been tried in court. A pillow on the back rack could be enough to sway a judge.