08 October 2007

Green Wave

Green Wave, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

I've been looking forward to seeing this pictogram painted on the bike lanes.

Copenhagen has, on certain stretches of bike lanes featuring heavy traffic (30,000 + bikes per day), started coordinating the traffic lights to give cyclists a 'green wave' all the way along the route.

This means that if you ride 20 km per hour you'll hit green lights the whole way.

Some people have bike speedometers, but most can adjust their speed without electronic interferance and enjoy an uninterupted ride to and from work.


Morten said...

This was pioneered in the Danish city of Odense I believe ? How many and how long stretches are there in Copenhagen ?
Is there more info available on this fabuluos idea and the plans for implementation ?

Best Regards,
Morten Lange

Anonymous said...

On Copenhagen and Amsterdam:

Anonymous said...

Not only did the traffic lights make you stop at every corner, but also the buses (which if you don't know, bike riders have to stop beside and interrupt any momentum you had going if one stops to allow people to board and disembark the bus). So it was certainly anything but a pleasant journey every morning and evening.

Now even the buses don't interrupt bike riders.. as much..

So far its been great! :)