23 October 2007

Wheel Lock

Wheel Lock, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

Old school wheel lock on a bike in my backyard.
All Danish bikes have to have wheellocks for insurance purposes, but these days we use keys.

This one is a combination lock, which requires you to remember which metal buttons have to be pushed in.

The modern versions:
Wheel Lock (by [Zakkaliciousness])

Click (by [Zakkaliciousness])


c said...

Hey, I've got an old Batavus wheel lock just like that. The buttons have three positions: "neutral," "in," and "out." I can't use it on my bike, unfortunately, because it wants to be mounted where the rack connects to the seat stays, and I'm not giving up my rack!

Of course, even if it did work I wouldn't trust it -- how hard is it to lift up on the saddle so that the rear tire is off the ground and just walk away, rolling the bike along with you like it has a flat or other mechanical problem? Not hard at all. I suppose it all depends on the level of theft in your area, though.

16:9 said...

Thanks for your comment.
There is a simple reason for every bike in Denmark being equipped with wheel locks.


Bike theft is a problem. (17,000 bikes a year in Copenhagen alone)

Insurance companies, many years ago, decided that needed some sort of standard lock on all bikes in order to protect their interests. Otherwise people could just say, "it was locked!"

Fair enough, really. If all bikes must have wheellocks and newer bikes have numbered locks and keys, it's easier for them to administer payouts.

It is easy to just lift up the back wheel and roll a bike away. But to be honest, it is rare. The bikes that get nicked are unlocked bikes and really expensive bikes.

claudemorel said...

I had one of those locks for years and now its broken. I've been trying to find since a few months with no succes. I think they were great just because you d'^dn't have to use the key. Of course, that was ok for short frequent stops and when the bike was to sty overnight outside I would use a U lock. Does anyone know if I could find one of those old locks again ? claudemorel@bluewin.ch

Anonymous said...

Like Claude I am desperately searching for a combination wheel-lock like this, because we have three children who lose either the lock, or the key, or both$&§$§%$"%$%&§**'.

THIS would be the SOLUTION! I heard somethin about a danish company "CEDO" which supplied something similar - but it seems like this company has dissappeared.
I would be really grateful if anybody could help me. Please mail to:


sapedauntopadang said...

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Mike said...

The combo of wheel lock and integrated frame cable lock on my Batavus Personal Bike is just genius. Any tree, any post, another bike...all are immediately lockable-to. And it's impossible to loose or forget the lock or cable, 'cos it's built in ;-)