17 December 2007

Bike Culture Advertising

Advertise, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

There are three things on this photo that are typically Copenhagen. One is the child's seat.

The other two are how to advertise in a bike culture. The seat cover is something you see quite often. You fetch your bike at the racks and discover that all the seats are covered with a free seat cover with a logo or slogan printed on them.

On the bike above it was a free seat cover encouraging donating blood to a blood bank.

Free seat covers are a good thing. They're free, they're practical and useful.

On the back rack is a piece of paper. It's a advert for a bike shop offering repairs. All too often you fetch your bike at the racks only to find leaflets or adverts stuck to the back rack. This is often irritating, especially during national elections when the faces of different parties are stuck to your bike.

But the point is when you have so many bikes in the city, and so many people riding them, these types of advertising are great ways to reaching an audience.


Paul DeMaio said...

What are the benefits of the seat cover from the riders perspective? Also, who sells them?


Zakkaliciousness said...

they are used against rain. most people have a plastic shopping bag squished under their seat in case of rain. the saddle is wet, so they use the dry bag. or, alternatively, they ride on the plastic bag and take it off when it rains, revealing a dry seat.

the seat covers are meant for this purpose. you keep it in your bag and, when it rains, you place it over the seat so your bum doesn't get wet.

you can buy them everywhere. or wait til you get a free one placed on your bike for an advertiser.