10 December 2007

Bike Rack Berlin

ccc_Bike Rack Berlin, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

Deliciously cool bike rack in Berlin. Slots for the wheels and chains with which to weave through your wheel and attach your lock.


Bruno said...

Someone forgot to lock the frame, isn't that a loose wheel in background? :-\


Anonymous said...

There's a name for these type of racks - wheel bucklers. If your bike falls or is knocked over you get a buckled wheel. I hate them.

Zakkaliciousness said...

that's odd. they seem to work fine for millions of cyclists all over europe each day.
i've never had problems with them. Not even when parking in a double decker bike rack at the Central Station.

Here's another post about Bike Racks in Copenhagen

Kristin said...

Have you also seen this bike traffic lights in Berlin Mitte and Prenzelberg?


Zakkaliciousness said...

very cool, kristin. thanks!

Sarah said...

Now you can be assured that your bike won't get stolen from bike racks. ;)