18 December 2007

The Cycle 'Bus' - Group Commuting

Much of this blog and our sister blog Copenhagen Cycle Chic is about a cycling life for 1.7 million Copenhageners.

We are loathe to forget those hardy souls who live farther out of the city and yet choose to ride to work.

One such group north of Copenhagen is called Cykelbussen - or The Cycle Bus. It's a simple concept, really. Several people in the same area - Allerød, Birkerød, Farum og Værløse - would rather ride that take the motorway or the trains.

What could be easier than arranging to commute together? And ride at a comfortable pace, taking turns to shield each other from the headwind. A long, cosy cyclo-commuting train - riding the 20 km to the city in about 35 minutes. Which is easily the same time it takes to drive or train.

This being Denmark, there are wide bike lanes along the motorway for the whole route, so it makes it easier and safer. And the group isn't in for the speed - they ride at a tempo that anyone can match. It's all about cycling, not racing.

The group has regular 'bus stops' where they meet in the mornings. You can just meet up and off you go towards the city.

Rumour has it that other informal groups have formed along other routes, too.

What a way to go. Good luck to The Cycle Bus!
www.cykelbussen.dk - Their website is in Danish, but there is one link in English.


Anne said...

personally i'd love to see Critical Mass (in New York City, at least) reinvent itself as something more like this. it provides a practical way for people to ride together -- for both safety and camaraderie -- and makes a great statement at the same time.

Greg Raisman said...


In Portland we do the same thing and call them "bikepools". Same sort of idea. Meet for coffee, then take the commute together.

There are also "bike busses" that have come together where groups of children and parents ride to school together along a pre-selected route and pick up new people along the way.

Zakkaliciousness said...

I agree, Anne. It would be great to see a line of bike commuters heading over the bridges to Manhattan.

Greg... nice to see somebody reads the labels! :-)
Fair enough... sounds good with the initiative in Portland. Meeting for coffee, I would guess, would defeat the 'quick and practical' idea over here. They just meet and ride.

But of course, of course, Portland has a similar concept. Your town is amazing in how enthusiastic you all are about getting your bike culture up and running and sustainable.

2whls3spds said...

Just out of curiosity what would guess to be the average speed of the cycle traffic in the town centers?

The cycle bus is averaging very respectable 34-35kph (21mph)


Zakkaliciousness said...

Luckily, I don't have to guess! :-)
Average speeds in Copenhagen:
Busses: 14 km/h
Bikes: 15.3 km/h
Cars: 28 km/h

On the main stretches of bike lane into the city - the ones with 15,000 + daily cyclists there is a Green Wave system. If you ride steady at 20 km/h, you'll hit green lights the whole way in the city centre. Read more here

Anonymous said...

How many km is the average commute (by bike) in Copenhagen?

Zakkaliciousness said...

don't recall exactly. 10 km, I believe.