05 December 2007

Cyclopornography Film - Copenhagen Bike Ride

Finally... we got around to slapping a Gorillapod - flexible camera tripod - onto one of our bikes. Setting the film function to 'time lapse' and hitting the bike lanes.

It's a simple, funky little film. A journey from my place to the City Hall Square and back again another way. Just a quick 6-7 km journey in the lovely winter sunshine.

On bike lanes the entire way. It's worth noting that I rode in the afternoon. During rush hour you'd see hundreds more bikes. We'll try to get out one day to capture this Copenhagen phenonemon.

Until then, enjoy this one.


Seth said...

What's the music?

Zakkaliciousness said...

absolutely no idea whatsoever... :-)
sorry. found it online somewhere long ago.

Somersetbiker said...

Wonderful stuff!

Watching this cycling Utopia from bikephobic Britain makes one green with envy!!

Zakkaliciousness said...

Thanks, somersetbiker!

Seth said...

Ah the music is 'indigo blues' by llorca feat with nicole graham.

Took some inventive searching to find that. :)

Zakkaliciousness said...

goodness me... how on earth did you find THAT out!? thanks for letting me know.

J said...

I loved this video. What camera did you use?

Zakkaliciousness said...

Thanks. just slapped my little IXUS 75 onto my Gorillapod and off I went.

J said...

I'm curious how you used your Canon. What setting do you use on the camera? How often does it snap a picture or do you snap the pics? What software do you use on your camera?

Sorry to have so many questions

Zakkaliciousness said...

the IXUS has a time lapse function, under the Film function. You can choose between 1 or 2 second shots. I use 1 second shots.

it's time lapse, so i just press the button once and it keeps shooting until i stop it.

i don't use any software on the camera, i just use whatever it comes with.

i edit it simply using Microsoft Moviemaker.

J said...

Thanks for the explanation. I'd like to do something like that with my bike.