04 January 2008

Dedicated Car Lanes for Automobile Traffic

We are not militants. We believe that the car has its place in society and does not necessarily need to disappear. More people on bikes is the way forward, sure, but we are more than willing to share the streets with cars. The streets are for everyone, after all.

Your Bike is Hot
We like this funky little website advocating 'hot bicycle proliferation', as they put it. Download small cards which read "Your bike is hot!", which you can print out and place anonomously on bikes that you fancy something rotten.


fahrradsozialismus said...

Cute, this pic I found a while ago is in the same spirit, wishful thinking? - or maybe when oil hits $200US/barrel :-)

Zakkaliciousness said...

great shot, radzi.

crotach said...

I love this. I printed it off and put it on my office door. I really could have used this road this morning, riding my bike while we have nearly two feet of snow falling on us.

Zakkaliciousness said...

thanks, crotach. that's great.
ride well!

Jon Karak said...

any way to get a full size version of this pic? I'd like ot use it as my screen saver.

Zakkaliciousness said...

sorry, jon... that's the only resolution I have the photo in... click on it to see it larger, but that's as big as it gets.

david said...

Have a look at this bicycle art website. The artist recycles bicycles into all sorts of interesting stuff. He has a line of clothing with some cool bike designs.




Anonymous said...

The bikengruvin.com website features recycled bicycle art and has a store for people who like bike t-shirts. See YouTube Channel.

It is...

YouTube Channel