08 January 2008

Double Take

"Biciclista" (by alfonstr)
Another classic Copenhagen sight - although this very cool guest photo is taken in Amsterdam by alfonstr.

Sometimes you just have to get two bikes from one place to another. When my one bike is finished at the bike repair shop, I ride my other bike down to pick it up. The quickest way is pictured above.

All taxis in Copenhagen, however, carry bike racks in their boot [trunk] so you can always get a taxi home if you have a flat tyre or you're drunk or it's raining and you don't want to get your €1000 Hugo Boss suit wet. There is room for two bikes on the rack and it costs 10 kroner extra per bike.

But as mentioned, you could just ride both bikes home in a flash.


Bret Moss said...

I've always called that a "ghost ride", but now that we have "ghost bikes" it may be time to come up with another name.


Zakkaliciousness said...

cool name for it. a flying dutchman kind of feel.

Fritz said...

I do that too to transport bikes :-)

Ghost riding is a bike going by itself as if an invisible ghost is riding the bike, either because you jumped off the back or because you pushed the bike. Because of the caster effect, the bike stays upright and going straight (more or less) until it bumps into something or it goes too slow to stay upright Here's an interesting video example.

corrigan said...

I see that around here sometimes (Toronto), but I always kinda thought they were bike thieves.

Considering how much of a problem bike theft is around here, maybe I'm right?

How bad is bike theft in Copenhagen?

Zakkaliciousness said...

On average there are 15,000 bikes stolen each year in Copenhagen.

Gustar said...

greetings from Indonesia

I do it too, also the bike mechanic around here to deliver bikes to their customer.

Also, I must admit I go to my downhill run doing that while I am in my motorcycle, cause there's 500 meter elevation gain.

blorg said...

Commonly do that myself (in Ireland) if retrieving from the bike shop or if I've left a bike parked in the city centre overnight (after drinking.) You do have to be careful though, a bump can send the second bike the wrong way and into your wheel. I've had a few close ones.

Zakkaliciousness said...

thanks for the comments!