08 January 2008

On-Bike Camera from Oregon Scientific

Not surprising, really, that this blog likes any and all equipment designed for taking photos while on a bike.

This 'All Terrain Camera 2000' - or ATC2K for those in the know - is a simple concept. Mount it on your bike and off you go. Or, if you're the type to wear a helmet, mount it up there if you prefer.

Capture video of your ride or any other outdoor activity and either watch it on a TV with the AV-out function or download it to your computer for editing and uploading for all the world to see.

We've seen them online in the UK for £109.99, including a 2GB memory card. There is probably a US site out there somewhere.

If we had one we'd be pedalling around Copenhagen all day long, never getting any work done...

Nerdy specs:
AVI format in three sizes: 640x480, 320x240, 160x120.
Two frame rates - 15fps and 30fps.
AV-out for TV viewing.
Runs on 2 AA batteries.
Multiple mounting design.
USB interface.

Thanks to my lovely sister, who spotted this cool camera and thought of me. :-)


eradler said...

Be aware that the camera does not meet higher quality criteria. Its cheap sensor does not come up to the quality in standard digital still cameras recording in VGA quality.
Off course you won't like to risk your expensive digital camera to have better quality but its also not wise to spend time in doing the films and then being disappointed with the quality. Better stick to brands...

Zakkaliciousness said...

thanks for that comment, eradler. i use my own digital camera on a gorillapod tripod. does the trick. but the idea of the camera in the post is good. but perhaps they need to upgrade their tech specs in order to match the new millenium.

Fritz said...

I just googled for "gorillapod" and I like it. Oooh. I always use various clamps, but that gorillapod looks very good.

T1mm0 said...

I purchased one of these cameras from the US last year and considering the price am more than happy with the quality I get from it. YouTube video I created using it.

Zakkaliciousness said...

the gorillapods are very cool. use mine often.

thanks for your input, TimmO. Glad to hear the product works for you.

ADrian said...

Not a bad camera really, but if you get one be prepared for silent movies -- the inbuilt microphone doesn't seem to pick up *anything* except the odd muffled rustling. Great handle-bar level footage through the traffic. Helmet mounted feels a bit odd, there's a surprising amount of weight in it, but the footage is pretty good -- steadicam it ain't though!

Zakkaliciousness said...

thanks, Adrian!

Ron said...

I agree with Eradler. When a digital camera can do the trick better, why waste time with bad sensors. You know what I'd like? A bike mount, possibly on my handlebar, so I can plug in my digi camera while I ride. A helmet one wouldn't be bad, but that would be dorkiness. Cool blog, just started reading.