28 February 2008

Bike Rack Statement

You may have seen this before in the cycle blog universe, but here is a fine example of a bike rack making a statement in Switzerland.

Designed by Swiss designer Adrien Rovero, the bike rack 'VD 003' is a tad preachy, but the message is clear: six bikes can fit in one car parking space.

Although if this was in Copenhagen there would be 86 bikes crammed into the space. :-)
Very stylish and elegant. Perfect for urban centres.

Height: 196 cm
Width: 340 cm
Depth: 40 cm


Christina said...

Ha! ingenious. Looks like there could definitely be more than 6 bikes fit comfortably in that space though. 86 might be pushing it :)
Would be great to see them in Dublin.

Fritz said...

Yeah, that's a good statement; I like it. In the USA, though, most motorists would probably miss the point and just grumble that a car parking spot was "taken away" from them.

Marrock said...

That and they would try to "smear" the bikes in the rack as they went by.

And then blame the cyclists for parking there, of course.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea, but not the rack itself cause it´s one of those that can harm your front wheel. U-shaped poles against which you can lean (and lock) your bike are much better.

Zakkaliciousness said...

Always strange to hear stories of animosity between motorists and cyclists.

I've never understood that "bike racks that harm your front wheel" thing.

You'd think that with the hundreds of thousands of that kind of bike rack in Denmark you would have heard something, anything, about 'harmed wheels'. But I can't say I have.

Bikes in Denmark are usually only equipped with wheel locks, so we don't require any thing to lock them TO. Just a place to stand them up.

doodoo said...

One of my bikes got nicked when I used a wheel lock only.

Now I always try to lock my bike to some solid strukture (like a banister or pole of a roadsign or street light, whatever). Sometimes I even use two different locks (e.g. U-lock and cable lock).

Don´t know whether the featured bike rack would allow me to lock my bike that way. Fancy idea, though.