10 February 2008

Cars Stop for Bikes

Cars Stop for Bikes, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

A bike path carves through the landscape and cars at a crossroads are the ones who have to give way and stop.

Part of the new Green Path - Grønne sti - in Copenhagen that provides cyclists with a long shortcut through Copenhagen. A kind of ring route that serves to help cyclists avoid riding into the center of town if they don't need to.

Built largely on terrain once used by railways, the Green Path is a fantastic initiative.

Here's some more info, but it's in Danish...

And no trees were harmed in the creation of the pathway.
Bend in the Road


Ryan aka the.green.ryder said...

Unfortunately here where I live, they'd have no problem cutting down that tree.
Kudos to Copenhagen!

Anonymous said...

Well we are alive till now since they are 20% of trees alive.

to stay alive, we mneed to keep trees alive..
not the path way...but the life way
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