10 February 2008

Free Bike Lockers in Auckland

Free bike lockers (for Clive), originally uploaded by burgerjesus.

This is from my mate 'Burgerjesus' on Flickr. New bike lockers for a new 2-way busway. Insert a $2 NZD coin and it is refunded when you pick up the bike. The box has hooks inside for helmets and raincoats etc.

He describes it better:
Unbelievably, the powers that be have built a busway (2-way bus motorway) beside the existing overcrowded motorway that takes all traffic from the North Shore over the harbour bridge to downtown Auckland. Something was needed as we have no rail at all on this side of the city and the northern half of Auckland is expanding rapidly, but I feel a light rail system would have been much more appropriate. The last thing we need is more roads and more vehicles. At least they have made a good job of constructing it.


disgruntled commuter said...

I have seen something similar at the Barnes Wetland Centre in London - except no coin required, you use your own bike lock to close the cage

See my flickr pic - http://www.flickr.com/photos/disgruntled/265213980/

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have information on who makes these lockers. I think they are great and would like to see if I can get my town to purchase some for their park and rides.

David said...

at first glance i thought the sign said 'bike and kids'... that's very nice though, last time i took the train i missed my bus to the station and had to ride my bike and leave it in the open outside the station for a week. it felt awful, and i had to call a friend and beg him to put an extra lock on my bike.

Zakkaliciousness said...

the kids lockers are out of frame to the left.

Jason said...

Re...."Does anyone have information on who makes these lockers"....Yes, I do...The Bike Locker Company - Auckland, NZ. P.O Box 34216, North Shore, 0746 Auckland, New Zealand or email info@thebikelocker.co.nz. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I haven't made any for a couple of years now (the result of holding down another real job that involves lots of traveling ..but pays the bills)...however, I designed and build these with a passion around two years ago and would love to kick the project off again. Feel free to drop me an email or pass my details on...thanks Anonymous.