19 February 2008

Slices of Copenhagen Cargo Bike Life

I was running some errands the other morning, on a brilliant sunny day in the mid-winter. It was chilly, around freezing with a wind chill that took it down to -15 C.
Here's a series of cargo bikes I saw on my way:
City Hall Square in Copenhagen on morning. He's riding either a Sorte Jernhest [Black Iron Horse] cargo bike or a Bellabike.
Cargo Crossing
A Bellabike making the crossing over Nordre Fasanvej.

One person adjusting the iPod to find the perfect sunny winter's day music and another contemplating the light changing on his Nihola.

Boing Boing
A Winther Kangaroo hanging with friends in the bike rack.

A couple of Copenhageners commuting together. He's on a classic Short John delivery bike.

Dad on his way to work after having dropped off the kids at daycare with an older Winther Dolphin trailer.


miketually said...

I had a Copenhgen moment in Darlington, last week. Riding home from work, a dad pulling a child trailer rode past on the road I was waiting to turn onto. I pulled onto the road behind him, then another dad with a bike trailer pulled out of the next street along behind me.

I thought we were the only trailer-owners in town.

Zakkaliciousness said...

very cool! what a groovy convoy.

eradler said...

Darling meet me in Darlington. Is this the third reasonable living space in the US (after Davis and Boulder)?

miketually said...

eradler, this Darlington is in the UK.

Karl McCracken said...

Darlington's just outside of my Realistic Cycling Commuting Distance (note the capitals), so whenever I go to see a client there, I always end up driving :-(

And I have to say that I always hate driving in Darlington - there's something about the street layout, signs, and bizarre one-way system that just seems to get me lost & mad every time. That said, I suspect that the very same features would make it an absolute dream on a bike!

miketually said...

Do we have a one way system?

Darlington's not quite a dream to ride on a bike just yet, but we're working on it. You should get a folding bike, then you can park up on the outskirts and ride the rest :)

Zakkaliciousness said...

Are we talking about Darlington, Paraguay? Great town!

deepbluesea said...

Which Paraguay?