27 March 2008

Bicycle Helmet Articles / Cykelhjelm artikler from Copenhagenize.com

The Collected Articles from Copenhagenize.com On Bicycle Helmets
Artikler fra Copenhagenize.com om cykelhjelme

Are Fabric Covered Helmets More Dangerous?

The Negative Effects of Helmet Promotion and Legislation in Sweden
- How helmet promotion and legislation is killing off childrens cycling in Sweden
- Hvordan promovering af cykelhjelme og påbud reducerer antallet af børn der cykler i Sverige.

Fear of Cycling - Bike Helmet Promotion
- Part of the Series by Sociologist Dave Horton.

Airbags Instead of Bike Helmets
- Dutch test external airbags for cars to protect pedestrians and cyclists.

Culture of Fear - Cykelhjelm Society
- The Culture of Fear and how it relates to bike helmets and cycling in Denmark.
- Frygtkulturen og hvordan den relaterer til cykelhjelme og cykling i Danmark.

A Walking Helmet is a Good Helmet
- A brilliant and logical campaign promoting pedestrian helmets has hit the streets of Copenhagen.
- En fantastisk og logisk nye kampagne til fordel for gåhjelme - cykelhjelme for fodgængere - er lanceret i København.

Helmets for Pedestrians and Motorists?
- Wherein we explore the shocking lack of helmet promotion for pedestrians and motorists.
- Hvori vi kigger på det chokerende mangel på cykelhjelmkampagner for fodgængere og bilister.

Mexico City Repeals Bike Helmet Law

... and so does Israel.
Growing Global Resistance to Helmets Laws

Sue Abbott - Australian Cyclist Prepares for Court
Sue Abbott - Australian Cyclist Fights Helmet Fine

The Clever Dutch and the Arrogant Danes
- Interview with a traffic consultent from the Dutch Fietsersbond about the Dutch policy on bike helmets.
- Interview med et trafikkonsulent fra det hollandsk cyklist forbund om Hollands cykelhjelm politik. Sammenlignet med Dansk cyclist forbund.

Helmets or Health?
- We can promote bike helmets or cycling. We can't do both.
- Vi kan promovere cykelhjelme eller cykling. Men ikke begge dele.

Cycle Helmets and Other Religious Symbols
- Wherein we compare those who promote bike helmets with fundamentalist religious fervour.
- Hvori vi sammenligner fortalere for cykelhjelme med fundamentalistiske religøse propaganda.

Motoring Helmets for Real High-Risk Transport
- Finally, what the world has been waiting for. A company making helmets for motorists. Buy now, operators are standing by.
- Endelig. Cykelhjelme for bilister, lavet af et australsk firma. Køb dem nu! Det er hul i hovedet at køre uden!

Ask Me Why I Cycle Without a Helmet
- Campaign by the European Cyclists' Federation against bicycle helmet promotion and legislation. Scroll down in the article for the piece.
- Kampagne fra det Europæiske cyklistforbund imod promovering af cykelhjelme samt love til fordele for hjelmtvang. Scroll længere nede i artiklen.

Putting A Price on Bike Helmet Laws - (You Can't Afford It)
- An Australian mathematician has determined how bike helmets are far from cost efficient. On the contrary, they cost society a bundle.
- En australsk matematiker har beregnet hvor dyrt cykelhjelm lovgivning er for et land. Meget dyrt.

Scaring the 'skit' Out of the Swedes
- The car-centric Swedish Road Safety Council, NTF, has no problem with scaring people off their bicycles with propaganda.
- Det bilcentrisk råd for færdselssikkerhed i Sverige, NTF, er ikke bleg for at skræmme folk ud af sadlen med cykelhjelm propaganda.

Copenhagenize Injury Alert!
- 87,000 Americans are admitted to hospital each year because they fell over a pet. Where are the safety freaks on this issue!? There's helmets and safety equipment to be sold!
- 87,000 amerikanere ryger på hospitalet hvert år fordi de falder over et kæledyr. Hvor er sikkerhedsnarkomaner om dette issue?! Der skal sælges cykelhjelme og sikkerhedsudstyr!

Bicycle Helmets - Today's Bloodletting
- Sue Knaup compares bicycle helmets with bloodletting with leeches.
- Sue Knaup sammenligner cykelhjelme med igler.

The Bicycle is Booming - Just Not in Denmark

- Bike helmet promotion stunts growth of bicycle sales in Denmark.
- Promoveringen af cykelhjelme standser vækst i salget af cykler i Danmark.

Danish Bike Helmet Propaganda
- See how bike helmet propaganda is infiltrating Danish society.
- Se hvordan cykelhjelm propaganda infiltrerer det danske samfund.

Australian Helmet Hurdle
- Bicycle helmet laws restrict growth of bike share programmes in Australia.

Sensible Bicycle Helmet Usage in Denmark
- Film showing sensible usage of bike helmets in Denmark.
- Film der viser fornuftig brug af cykelhjelm i Danmark.

Get Yer Torches! It's a Bicycle Helmet Witchhunt!
- Wherein we explore how bicycle helmet advocates tend to attack bicycle advocates with a tone reminiscent of the witch hunts of old.
- Analyse af det tonefald cykelhjelm fanatikerne bruger imod mennesker som vælger at køre uden hjelm. Allerede tilstedet i DK. Desværre.

The Culture of Fear and a Very Important Book
- Review of the book Culture of Fear Revisited by Frank Furedi and how it relates to bicycling.

South African Bicycle Helmet Amusement
- South African café chain bans cyclists in helmets and South African blog calls for a stop to the socially unacceptable behaviour of wearing helmets in shops and other establishments.
- Sydafrikansk cafékæde forbyder cykelhjelme og en sydafrikansk blog kører kampagne imod cykelhjelme i butikker og supermarkeder fordi det er 'social uacceptabelt adfærd'.

Kissing Toronto's Bicycle Culture Good-bye
- Toronto city councillor proposes mandatory bicycle helmet laws. Silly git.

Political Helmet Mishaps (and Irish Hope)
- The Danish Socialist Peoples Party proposes bicycle helmet legislation without bothering with science.
- SF har et forslag om cykelhjelmtvang for de under 12, uden at de bekymrer sig om videnskab.

Danish Bicycle Helmet Law Defeated in Parliament
- The Socialist Peoples' Party's proposed law for mandatory bicycle helmets for under 12's is soundly rejected by the Danish Parliament.
- SF's lovforslag som vil gøre det lovpligtigt for de under 12 at bære cykelhjelm er stemt ned i Folketinget.

Visit Auckland and Break the Law
- Advert for the City of Auckland features a cyclist sans helmet, despite the country's backward helmet laws. Irony rules.

Promoting Cycling in London - But not in Boston
- London promotes cycle but in Boston, the coppers will confiscate your bicycle if you're nicked without a helmet.
- London promoverer cykling men i Boston konfiskerer strisserne børnenes cykler hvis de er taget uden cykelhjelm.

The Hierarchy of the Bicycle Helmet Empire
- Satirical look at bicycle helmet promotion.
- Cykelhjelm satire.

The Great Bike Helmet Hysteria - Part Two

The Great Bike Helmet Hysteria - Introduction

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Anonymous said...

Wearing a helmet.... leaving it up to the individuals might force the stupid price of helmets down.... Regulating the "safety aspect" of helmets might force out the pathetic crap passed off as safety helmets some which fit badly and protect nothing. It's not clever to ride without a helmet but its cooler.
People have to make their own choice about how safe they are.... Where do you cross the road ?