12 March 2008

Bike Lane

Bike Lane, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

Now THAT'S a bike lane. Wider than wide.
Just a tad wider than the Copenhagen average of 2.2 m. .-)


Philboy said...

Kurt Vonnegut Jr said that science fiction and pornography were similar because they both fantasized about unbelievably friendly worlds. This lane looks like one of those. If we had bike lanes like that here in the desert my wife might start riding with me.

Somersetbiker said...

Sometimes, just sometimes, even the Bike Phobic British can get it right. Almost as good as the Danish version, don't you think?


Andy B from Jersey said...

Thats a segregated side path not a true cycletrack. It nice though and possibly very appropriate for the type of road it follows (can't tell).

Zakkaliciousness said...

Great quote from Vonnegut.

Nice to see a decent British bike path!

In Danish what you're looking at is a 'cykelsti' - we don't get hung up on terminology. It's a bike lane. Whether it's alongside the traffic or winding it's way through the countryside far from any car.

It's a main road in a suburb to Copenhagen, Høje Taastrup.