17 March 2008

Bike Lane Snowstorm

Bike Lane, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].
Finally a bit of snow. My boy and I are itching to get sledding and it may be that tommorrow is the day.

Cyclists this afternoon just put their heads down and muscled on through it. Snow isn't slippery when you're just riding straight. And on a segregrated bike lane, you don't have any other traffic to worry about.

You ride slower, of course. And slow to a crawl when cornering and approaching intersections. But other than that, it's just another day on the bike lanes. In the above photo our bike lane snowploughs hadn't been past, but they came later on.
Snowstorm Cycling by Night

Moi, en hiver


osf said...

Does the snow ever get really deep (>20 cm)? I envy your segregated bike lanes, as here in the US I am forced into traffic and thus off my bike. Those drivers are crazy.

Zakkaliciousness said...

not often, but yes. a bad ass snowstorm can dump half a metre on us if it so desires.