14 March 2008

Guest Photo: Bike Rack in Perth

This just in... straight from Perth, Australia to you, via Copenhagen.
My girlfriend found this funky bikestand just minutes away from our house. Had to share it with you ;)
The bike culture here in Perth/Western Australia is quite poor, but it is rapidly growing...well, we do have great weather nearly all year round, and a very flat city. Just too many car obsessed people, but we are spreading the word!
Keep it up in the North!

Greetings from the South,
Flo and Sophie

Thanks Flo and Sophie! Bike racks are so cool when a little creative thought is put into them.

By all accounts the low level of bike usage in Western Australia is a result of helmet laws that came into effect in 1991. This mirrors the same statistics in other cities and regions that implemented helmet laws. In Western Australia, after rising steadily at about 12% a year, bike usage took a nosedive after the legislation. A fall of 30%.

A shame, really, because as Flo says, it's a fabulous city for everything, including urban biking. It's reassuring that bike usage is on the increase again! I can understand that the helmet laws are not enforced in Perth, is this true, Flo? I should hope the police have better things to do...


gwadzilla said...

nice rack!

I love saying that without the risk of getting slapped

Luke Munn said...

helmet laws might have caused a downswing in bike use, but for a good cause. personally i don't like wearing one either, but it's very necessary in cities which are less of a utopia for bikers than copenhagen or amsterdam. there's some very aggressive drivers down here in australasia, and as much as i love fashion, i'd rather not crack my head when i get cut off by a driver. could it be that the helmet laws simply coincided with a greater dependence on, and ownership of, the automobile?

Zakkaliciousness said...

By all scientific accounts, helmet laws are more harmful than beneficial to public health.

There is an excellent resource focusing on the science of helmets and helmet laws, etc. at the Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation.

Andy B from Jersey said...

Looks cool but it looks like the styling might limit the function of an otherwise perfectly good rack.