14 March 2008

Guest Photo Scottish Bike Rack

parliament bike racks, originally uploaded by Daveybot.

Thanks to Peter for pointing us in the direction of this great bike rack outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

The photo was taken by Daveybot on Flickr. If you look at the bike rack at the right angle they form the shape of a bike.


chdot said...

I prefer this version


(I didn't take it)

Andy B from Jersey said...

Again. Function! I saw an angled view of this rack art and it doesn't look like the racks are at all functional.

Sorry, its just the bike planner in me.

Zakkaliciousness said...

Indeed, this kind of rack is not very practical. But as an art/design hybrid the visual effect is an important statement. Bikes as art, raising awareness.

Beside, if they put a regular bike rack up here, nobody would know what it was... :-)