27 March 2008

Our Latest Bicycle Bridge - Åbuen

Another Bicycle Bridge
This new bicycle and pedestrian bridge opens shortly. It stretches over one of the main roads into the city, Åboulevarden.

It is part of the new "Green Path" bike lane/walkway that traverses the city and acts as a kind of "bike motorway" for those who just need to get from one end to the other as quick as possible. We posted about it earlier.

Architects Dissing & Weitling
designed it and the 8 sections were hoisted into place over the easter weekend, after being manufactured in Poland. The design is meant to symbolise a grand entrance to the city. I love that irony. That cars zipping along underneath are welcomed to the city on this route by a splendid bicycle and pedestrian bridge.

It's a wonderful project and this bridge is the piéce de la resistance.
Another Bicycle Bridge
In the photo above you can see the bike lane that runs parallel to the motorised traffic, separated by a kerb from the three lanes of traffic.

It's the second in a long line of cycle bridge projects. The first was over the harbour and there are at least two others starting construction soon.
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Jen said...

My boyfriend and I were just talking about the idea of bike motorways the other day--we live in Toronto, ON Canada and bike to work on a regular basis. If something like that bridge were to exist here, I imagine it would cut down on cyclist/car collisions dramatically...not to mention that bike usage would probably go up, people would get healthier, and I'd get to work a heck of a lot faster. (And safely!)

I'm jealous.

Zakkaliciousness said...

Thanks, Jen.
Don't be jealous, be inspired! We've worked hard for over 40 years to get where we are today... the Copenhagenizing of other cities is a great goal.

Regarding bike motorways, it is worth mentioning that all the motorways heading into Copenhagen feature segregated bike lanes on the sides. it's wonderful riding at a casual pace past traffic jams.

this bridge is a bit different as is the Green Path that runs across it. It is merely a supplement to the existing network of bike lanes.

But yes, it's wicked cool! :-)

Kevin Love said...

Dear Jen,

Something like that bridge does exist here in Toronto.

Take a look at the Humber Bay Arch Bridge at:


Toronto's bicycle/pedestrian bridge over the Humber sure looks a lot like the one in Copenhagen. Perhaps this is the latest fashion in bridges.