29 March 2008

Those Hardy Canadians and Swedes

This is quite possibly the most organic bike rack imaginable. Just embed your front wheel in the snow, as these cyclists did outside McGill University in Montréal. Spotted over at the very cool website Spacing Montreal.

It's surely no coincedence that when the Vikings discovered America 1000 years ago, they headed straight for what is now Canada. We northern tribes understand each other. Just getting on with it, despite the weather.

Which brings us to this beautiful sculpture in Västerås, Sweden. A tribute to bike culture led, of course, by a woman on a bike. Västerås is a snow-bound chilly town with weather that the Montréalers above would understand and embrace.

Nevertheless, 33% of all journeys are made by bike.


Samuel said...

Yep, all us northern countries still bike in the snow. Really it can be a lot of fun. I always stay toasty warm even in -25C. The only problem is when you have to ride on busy streets that are covered in ice... hence studded bike tires are fairly popular here in Edmonton.

Samuel said...

The uncovered bike racks at the University of Alberta are extra tall so that (as seen in the picture from Montréal) when there is a lot of snow on the ground you can still lock up your frame and front wheel with a u-lock.

Zakkaliciousness said...

cool! thanks for that Northern Alberta update, Samuel!

Erik Sandblom said...

After a dreary winter we had a week's worth of snow and sunshine in Göteborg, so I took some pictures:

Vacker vintercykling

João Paulo Esperança said...

Who needs bike racks?