29 April 2008


Always exposed to the public eye, always on the move. As we've noticed earlier here and here, bikes are an efficient means of communication. Private messages intertwine with commercial outcries as manifold as the cyclists themselves.

"To be read with the other end" - a tongue-in-cheek ad for intellectual newspaper Information

"Shut up while I'm smoking" - who said cyclists necessarily care for their health?

Ungdomshuset is a former squat/music venue in Copenhagen

"Sit down and you'll get to look like someone under 28" - an ad for TDC - telephone and internet giant

"I love you" - someone took the time and effort to strap this little paper heart to his or hers beloved's bike

"Resaddle - vote 'Ø'" - an ad for Enhedslisten, Denmark's far left wing party

"Would you mind us being here?" - the title of a benevolent concert against surveillance in public space - and also an ironic wordplay that goes very well for the crammed bike parking situation in Copenhagen...

Bastard Bike
Business cargo bike for the film company Bastard Film. The model is a so-called 'Short John' with the characteristic green Danish milk box on the rack in front.