01 April 2008

Garbage Disposal in a Bike Culture

Our friend David Hembrow of Hand-Woven Bike Basket Fame sent us this fantastic photo from his 'hood in the Netherlands.

It happens to me every day... I'm on my bike and I've finished drinking my take-away coffee or eating an apple and I need to discard the waste. I slow down as I approach a road side rubbish bin and drop it in before speeding up and merging back into the bike traffic flow.

In Assen, where David lives, they have been creative with their rubbish bins. No need for slowing down too much and aiming. They're designed for cyclists zipping along the lovely, wide bike lane. And I'm sure the hit ratio is much higher.

See heaps more photos of Dutch bike infrastructure on David's website Hembrow Cycling Holidays.


David, Malmö said...

that... is... awesome... i think i know where i'll go on vacation this summer.

chic cyclist said...

I would take along rubbish just so I could use it! Here's one I saw on my vacation:

Samuel said...

You should not show me these things. All I can think about is doing a time attack race where each racer has a set of one colour of balls and after you have all run the course the person with the most amount in wins, mind you they would be relatively large balls, making it difficult to carry on the bicycle and difficult to throw. Doing this kind of stuff is why Canadians on holiday get bad rep's, or maybe just me. :-)

Zakkaliciousness said...

thanks for commenting.
cool photo, chic cyclist.
great idea for a sport, samuel!