22 April 2008

Go Green Live Rich and Use Us As a Reference!

Go Green, Get Rich by David Bach - as seen in my kitchen
The postman just delivered a package from New York - by bicycle, of course. Okay, not all the way from NYC by bike, but the last leg at least.

It's a copy of a new book by David Bach called Go Green, Live Rich - 50 simple ways to save the earth.

I got sent a complimentary copy by the publisher because Mr Bach uses Copenhagen Cycle Chic as a factual reference, apparently. Which is, of course, very cool. And how nice is that, sending a complimentary copy? We're well chuffed about it here at the blogs.

It was actually an excellent read. The book is geared for the American audience but there were still interesting tips and facts that are relevant to European readers.

The book is, of course, available on Amazon


Karl McCracken said...

Please write a review & tell us what you think!

Zakkaliciousness said...

You actually want me to READ it?! Oh, alright then.

Anonymous said...


Zakkaliciousness said...

'Chuffed' is English and synonomous with 'pleased'

2whls3spds said...

"chuffed" is British English ;-)

BTW my son is a grad student a Leeds UK and is becoming "acclimated" LOL


Zakkaliciousness said...

It's still English, regardless. :-)