10 April 2008

Meanwhile, back at the bike culture...

... life goes on in Copenhagen.
Bike Guard Dog
Given the difficulties of finding a parking space in the bike racks in Copenhagen, some people have begun to use drastic measures to guard the prime spaces.

A Good Day to Buy a Breadbox
I suppose anyday is a good day to buy a breadbox, but for this Copenhagener, it was today. And what better way to transport it home than by bike.

No Idea
Strange cycleness in the city centre.

Standard Issue
This is what you'll see outside of basically every bike shop in the nation.


Samuel said...

The guard dog is AWESOME!

Grendel said...

Had a mild heart attack at the bike prices until I realized that was Kroners not Euros.

Zakkaliciousness said...

haha... sorry about that. basically you need to pay, in my experience, about 2700-3000 kroner for a decent bike. that's inexpensive. You can get bikes for a 1000 kroner but they're dead after six months.

Anonymous said...

I hope it's been raining, where that dawg has been waiting...

2whls3spds said...

grendel...me also ;-)

What does a decent used bike go for (if there is such a thing) I know someone that was over there for a couple of weeks and rented a "normal" bike (vs the touristy ones) for around 825dkk. Not a bad sum IMHO, but wondered if it would be possible to purchase a used bike then donate/sell it back at the end of the visit.


Zakkaliciousness said...

What do you mean "if there is such a thing"? :-)

For a week or so you'll do fine on a rental bike for about 40 kr a day.

For a couple of weeks, 825 kr sounds good.

the average price for a good bike for a Copenhagener seems to be around 3000 kr. see here.

you can get cheaper bikes for about 1500 kr, but they're not worth it.

remember, the standard of living over here is one of the highest in the world and if you're coming from north america, the dollar's constant fall doesn't make it cheap to visit europe in general and denmark in particular.

if you come, or have friends coming, let me know. i'll show you/them around.