23 April 2008

Public Transport Sharing

Urban Sharing
A great underground initative in protest at the rising prices of public transport.

"Pass Your Ticket On - Movia [the company that runs the busses] is raising the prices but we're lowering them!

Ticket prices for busses and trains have again risen, this time by 5% - together we'll lower the price of public transport.

If your ticket is still valid when you've finished your journey, place it here so that your fellow passengers can have a free ride.

Yes to good and free public transport. No to more cars.

Warm regards,
Ungdomsfront.dk [Socialist Youth Front]"

There is a clothes peg glued into place so you can place your ticket there.

I love a bit of urban activism.

Life at a Traffic Light
Life at a Traffic Light.

This bike is in one of the bike sheds at our flat. I've taken a photo of it before, but today I pulled it out into the sunshine for a better shot. All dusty and cobwebbed, but cool.

A classic Pedersen.


Samuel said...

In Vancouver, Canada, the transit authority issues you pretty hefty fines for passing your short term ticket on. However, anyone can use your month pass (not at the same time though). It seems like a nice way to ensure commuters aren't getting ripped off, and creates an extra little income from casual riders.

Zakkaliciousness said...

there is a fine here, too, i'm sure. but it's impossible to enforce.

Fritz said...

Reducing the number of fare payers by sharing tickets like this increases costs for the transit agency and may, paradoxically, force them to raise their fares even more. Cheats only make it more expensive for the rest of us.

That written, I've left my short-term tickets laying around for others to use after my ride is done.

fpteditors said...

What happened to the study about free public transport for all of Denmark?

Zakkaliciousness said...

good question.
unfortunately we have a right wing government who are not all that visionary when it comes to the environment.