19 April 2008

Saturday Bricolage

Beach Bike Rack2

Beach Bike Rack
There is, of course, extensive bike parking at all the beaches in Copenhagen but the new[ish] Amager Strandpark features literally thousands and thousands of racks, since the Beach Park is a magnet for city dwellers. These racks are filled to overflowing with bikes on a hot summer's day.

Tourist Bikes
While we like the fact that our City Bikes [Bycyklen] have inspired cities all over the world to start bike sharing programmes, it is really only tourists who use them.

Copenhageners have their own bikes already, so they don't need these. In Paris, par example, they don't have their own so they need their cool Velibs. Although bike sales are rising dramatically in Paris since the introduction of the Velib.

Copenhagen Style
Classic Copenhagen set up for families with two kids.
Peaceful coexistence.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, you have the neatest bicycle racks I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

And Amager Beach is a nice place and the bike racks are cool - but here is an alternative http://www.engadget.com/2008/04/21/tokyos-kasai-station-gets-robotic-bicycle-parking-contraption/

Anonymous said...

Velib caused French bikes to rise? That sounds great, do you have a link to a story by chance?

Zakkaliciousness said...

nope, sorry. i read it in a newspaper a few weeks before the post. can't remember for the life of me. it said that bike sales in paris have risen. i'm usually good at linking to sources, but i missed this one... :-)