08 April 2008

The trumpet repair shop had plenty of bike parking.

I love the title of this photo by Cheekipoo on Flickr.

It sums up the Copenhagen way of life as concisely as possible.

The trumpet repair shop had plenty of bike parking.

How many people in this city of 1.9 million could possibly require the assistance of a trumpet repair shop? Not many. Nevertheless, the trumpet repair shop provides extensive bike parking possibilities for its customers.



Alex said...

Thanks for the compliment. I came to CPH on research for a school project and fell in love with the people and the cycling culture. We are working on it here in Chicago, but we are not quite as advanced as you guys.
By the way, this is my true love(r) that gets me around town daily.

David P. said...

A small gesture such as a simple spot to park and secure a bicycle always wins a big smile from me. Bike racks are rare in Texas. Sometimes I make these suggestions to local business owners by dragging them out to see my bike locked to a lamppost or handrail. Their eyes usually light up as though they've recieved a new idea.

Heidi said...

Anybody know where I can get my bike tuned up? I live in Christianshavn and need a good bike shop!

Zakkaliciousness said...

thanks for the comments.

heidi... no idea! i know vesterbro and frederiksberg bike shops, but not chr-havn.