07 May 2008

Cultural Signage

No Bikes
A country's bike culture is reflected in its bike signs. Fenders, chainguard, proper dynamo light. If the pictogram featured a 10 speed you'd think that no racing was allowed. But with this sign you're sure it means the general population.

This sign is at the entrance to a hospital where ambulances arrive. You just have to walk your bike for five metres or so before hopping on again.


Anonymous said...

This kind of sign, especially the intent, is everywhere in the USA but you can't see them...they're buried in the collective minds of transportation engineers and political leaders.

Anonymous said...

The instruction is obvious but could be even more so if it included the rider in it's unwarm shadow. Not necessarily "No Bikes" but, "No Riding of Bikes".

Andy B from Jersey said...

All the bike symbols you see in America show a cyclist wearing a helmet.

Fritz said...

The bikes on American signs tend to be more abstract -- two circles, two triangles, a line for the saddle and another slightly bent line for the handlebars (usually upright).

Anon 3:28 -- for clear intent, how about this sign?