01 May 2008

Friends on Film

Thanks to Jim in London for sending this film along to us. As Jim says:

I really enjoyed the time-lapse video of your cycle commute you posted last December, so much that I tried the same thing here in London last week. As you can see cyclists in London don't have it so good as you do in Copenhagen - we've got to weave in and out of traffic, avoid bendy buses and generally keep trying to not get killed. But it's still worth it, and I really enjoyed making this video. Hope you like it and thanks for the inspiration.

And here's a video from Marc, in many ways our Amsterdam twin.

"I'm a long time fan and it's about friggin' time I submit something cyclicious myself :), in this case a little video of me with a visiting friend from Canada."

About time, indeed, Marc! Considering the amount of material you have on cycling Eurostyle!

Thanks to you both for thinking of us.


Marc said...

thanks for posting it! Loved the UK video!

I'm putting my money where my mouth is and started a dedicated thread/category on my blog: "Amsterdam's Unwritten Cycle Rules", to serve as a cycle guide-avant-la-lettre to visitors. Helping them, helping myself :).

Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the fine work!

Rhys said...

Just goes to show its what you're used to. I thought London wa a great city to ride in after experiences in car-dominated Australian cities. The congestion charge zone seems to keep most of the traffic away.

But the author of the video is right - there is a lot of weaving, dodging and praying required for an average commute

Murk said...

I liked the fact that the same automated vehicles kept popping up. It can be amazing the risks car drivers take to get past sometimes only to catch them up a bit later.

My commute (which I don't do often enough) is a bit more rural - but it is a faster road (no bike lane). I'm also slower (more a Yehuda Moon than a Joe) - it's rare that I'm faster than a car - so on bike days I really relish traffic jams (as long as those lines of cars have enough space to get through!)