03 June 2008

Advertise On Bikes in Copenhagen

Bike Messenger
Danish Bike Messenger on the bike lane in the heart of the city. A Christania Bike for larger deliveries from Budstikken.

We have posted many photos about how bikes are used as advertisments in the urban landscape. A new Danish company is taking it one step further. Sponsorcykler.dk - or Sponsor Cycles - is providing an attractive way for companies to advertise in the city.

Even better, families can get a new Nihola cargo bike for basically half-price - 7000 kroner - if they sign up and agree to keep the adverts on the cargo box for six months.
As we described a few days ago, using your bike for adverts is a given. Your bike is on the bike lanes all day long. Dropping your kids off at school/kindergarten/daycare, then off to work, then to the supermarket and back to get the kids, and so on. You are visible to the traffic - cars and bikes - for long periods of time during each day.

Sponsorcykler.dk, the company who is arranging this marriage of convienence between advertisers and families itching for a cargo bike, only accepts ethically-sound products with an environmental angle, which is extra cool.

So, while we're in a cargo bike phase, here's a couple of images:
Having a chat as they ride.
Three rickshaw type bikes in Nyhavn - tourist central - vying for punters.


bibliogrrl said...

While this is about the cargo bikes, we do have people riding around here in Chicago advertising. There is one bike that pulls a mini billboard.

But more horrifying, last weekend, I saw 2 girls on Red Bull bikes, wearing Red Bull backpacks... who barely looked like they could ride the bikes, and were WOBBLY. I thought it was a neat idea, but I thought they were going to get killed. gah.

Zakkaliciousness said...

thanks for that. if you get the chance to take a photo, send it along tout suite to me.

Philboy said...

Ask those guys if they want to advertise in the Burque. I'll promise to carry their signs for the rest of my life, not just 6 months.

Last week I was visiting Washington DC for meetings, walking back to work after a lunch hour at the National Gallery. I thought I would be run over by a rickshaw, but he was only pulling up to ask directions. I didn't know his destination but googled it on my phone. He was very thankful, but I told him I was also a cyclist and was happy to help a brother out. Maybe an encounter with a delivery man on a tricycle in Copenhagen is no big deal but it was a completely new experience for me.

Zakkaliciousness said...

very cool, philboy. kindred spirits.