14 June 2008

Copenhagen Carry All

Three Copenhageners
Here's a few classic cargo bike shots from the past few days in Copenhagen. Above is a typical cross section of Copenhageners waiting for the light to change, including man in suit on his Nihola.
Clean Sweeps
Streetcleaners on one of the pedestrian streets in the heart of Copenhagen, riding customized Nihola cargo bikes. The chap in the background is picking up some trash with a 'grabber', while seated on his bike seat.
Postal Worker
The Royal Danish Post uses customized Christiania Bikes for the post-heavy routes in the city centre.
A charmingly personalized Christiania bike on the City Hall Square.
A Christiania bike rolling past a traditional Danish sausage stand - 'pølsevogn' - on Købmagergade in the heart of the city.
A Nihola in its natural environment. Copenhagen C.

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elmblog said...

Although I am not anti-lycra (It's comfy as hell, especially on longer journeys), I do have a major envy on the Copenhagen bike culture...and I am not alone

Zakkaliciousness said...

thanks for the link! my photos are actually a part of the exhibition. nice to see Thomas getting interviewed about it.

jennifer said...

I absolutely love the pictures of the street cleaners and mail carriers on their cargo bikes! You can just picture them whistling as they clean up or deliver mail on their boxy bikes! Too cute.

Zakkaliciousness said...

indeed, jennifer. it's quite a cosy sight.