18 June 2008

Ibiza & Oranje

Bike Rack in Ibiza
Our good friend Raquel from the Spanish fashion blog Gratis Total spent the weekend in Ibiza [Eivissa to the locals] and took this photo of a bike rack outside a sushi restaurant.

I figured it was appropriate seeing as how the bike on the left is clearly owned by a member of the Oranje Army and the Netherlands have advanced easily into the quarter finals last night. One world - one sport. One world - two wheels.


Jim Law said...

Two wheels, but no seat!

Love the blog, Zack.

David Hembrow said...

Hup Oranje Hup !!!

(I don't normally like football very much, but they are doing well...)

Marc said...

thanks for warming my heart even more :-)

Raquel said...

ohhhh thanks!!!