30 June 2008

Samsø, Denmark - Carbon Neutral Island

Wind Park in the Haze, originally uploaded by m.prinke.

Thanks to Jack, we got wind of an great article in The New Yorker about a little Danish island called Samsø with huge environmental ambitions.

We knew about the island, of course - in Denmark, Samsø is where the best potatoes come from - and we knew about their eco-goals. But here's an article that explains it in great detail. It's a lovely island [and that's saying something when you have 450 or so of them] and the 4300 islanders decided a decade or so ago to become the world's first carbon-neutral island.

As one expects from the New Yorker, it's a cracking, detailed article. A wonderful read. Read THE ISLAND IN THE WIND - by Elizabeth Kolbert in The New Yorker

Thanks to Corey for letting us know about a CBC radio programme called Quirks and Quarks that featured a bit on Samsø. You can hear the broadcast at the website.

Nothing to do with Samsø... just a cool photo of a Copenhagener in the summer rain.

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Corey said...

Samso was also recently featured on the season finale of the CBC (Canada) radio show "Quirks and Quarks."

Sounds very impressive. Yet another reason why Europe is light years ahead of North America...