22 July 2008

David V. Goliath

In many ways, it's lovely to see a big network like the American CBS feature biking to work on their evening news last Thursday - 17 July 2008.

One of our readers, however, noticed that this mammoth network, in their piece about biking to work in Philadelphia, used some of my video about Cycling in Paris, which is on Youtube. They even used the music, which the artist was kind enough to let me use as a one off.

An irritating case of copyright infringement. If they had merely asked, there would have been no problem. They have a piece of their own on the Vélib bike share in Paris, so it is flattering that they thought my little modest film was better. But bloody irritating it is all the same. They even used a shot of Wifealiciousness from the video and she's none too pleased.

Here's the link to the piece on Biking to Work [couldn't embed it].

Here's the orginal:

I've contacted them regarding the issue, but if any of you are up for a bit of Five Minute Activism, here's the link to their feedback page. Select CBS Evening News on the drop down menu. Click Complaint at the top and fire off a little note to them in support of this copyright infringement.


Melissa said...

That takes some gall.

I dropped them a quick note for you, asking how they planned to address the video currently on their site to at least give CCC credit for the production (like not blurring out the lower left corner where it has the website), as well as asking for information on how they plan to prevent copyright infringement in the future.

lj said...

Hmmm, as they only use a few seconds of your video it could maybe comply with some "fair use" or "citation" terms in the US copyright laws that allow non-licensed use of copyrighted material. On the other hand they blurred the logo and didn´t give you any credits. Not nice. They should have asked you.

Bluefish said...

That is so disgusting. How are they took your work without permission. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. You can sue them you know. In America it's all about suing each other.

What the Chuck said...

HI Zak,

There are two alternatives.

1. You can get mad, but I'd think that the old 'Fair Use' clause applies.

2. You can revel in the fact that you are an unstoppable force in the universe for both bicycles and coolness, and even CBS has to acknowledge your effect on all of us.

Having ridden in Copenhagen last year, and all the time in the US, you may never hear 'thanks' from CBS -- but you will from me.


b said...

I sent them a note too. Using the Internet in these cases can at least draw attention to unethical/illegal practices. I never cease to be amazed that people try to get away with this stuff.

Fonk said...

I saw at the beginning of your clip in their piece they flashed "INTERNET VIDEO" at the top of the screen. I wonder if they believe this somehow absolves them under U.S. law? Maybe it does, I don't know. Still lame though. At the very least they could have left your logo intact to give you credit.

The bike industry here is already calling this "The Year of the Bicycle." This many bikes haven't flown out their doors since the last oil crisis. Hopefully this time the lifestyle change lasts... (I'm almost hoping the oil/gas prices remain high)

By the way, good job on your original video. I love the soundtrack you chose.

Zakkaliciousness said...

Thanks for the help and kind words, everyone. I worked in broadcasting for many years so using the images MAY fall under 'fair use' - although unlikely - only if they show a credit during the clip. They didn't. The music is another issue altogether.

THIS comment made my day: You can revel in the fact that you are an unstoppable force in the universe for both bicycles and coolness, and even CBS has to acknowledge your effect on all of us.
Thanks! :-)

Michael said...

It's my understanding that if something is presented in the context of news reporting in the U.S. there is no requirement to get permission.

There are some unique differences in both media laws and also freedom of speech and use laws between the U.S. and the rest of the world. I wonder if this has something to do with it.

Also, I believe that videos uploaded to youtube, especially, are frequently used in news programming here without giving any credit to the creator. I wonder what the YouTube terms of use are in regards to this?

What the Chuck said...

Hi Zak,

Glad you liked my comment.

Hey, the next time I'm visiting my ecodesign friends at DTU, I'll give you a holler, and you can take a lap with me around the city center.

I'd be genuinely honored!



David said...

Perhaps the solution is to recommend that they do a follow-up piece about bicycle culture and advocacy, featuring an new interview with...

Zakkaliciousness said...

thanks, everyone.
say when, chuck.

kstrygg said...

Complaint sent!!

Zakkaliciousness said...