28 July 2008

Life's A Beach in Copenhagen

We posted THIS a few days ago:
5000 Free Parking Spaces at the Beach
5000 bike parking spaces at one of the more popular beaches in Copenhagen - about a 15 minute bike ride from the city centre. Great for a dip or a bit of sun after work, or all day long on the weekends.

This is what it looked like yesterday, Sunday:
5000 parking spots for 15000 bikes
Just a little fragment of the long, long beach. There are tens of thousands at the beach on days like this. This is what the racks look like on a cold, winter's day:
Lone Beach Bike

There are so many bikes at all the beaches that overflow parking is everywhere:
Beachparking Overflow

These circular clusters of bike racks are cool:
Bike parking cluster

Although bike racks are rather aesthetic when empty, too:
Beach Bike Rack2
Beach Bike Rack


jennifer said...

Those circle beach bike racks when empty are flippin' amazing!!

Fritz said...

Very very nice.

I live near the beach city of Santa Cruz, California. It's considered a bike friendly town and I do see people hauling their surfboards to the beach on their bikes, but we don't have bike racks anything like this. Most people lock their bikes to guard rails and signposts.

Zakkaliciousness said...

yes, they're cool!
fritz! get a photo of a surfer on a bike with a board! that would be great to see.

Fritz said...

I seem to never have a camera handy when I see these guys, and when I do have a camera I don't want to seem like some gawking tourist who's never seen a surf rack on a bike before :-)

tinarama said...

My small town (under 10,000 people) has just approved $250K for bicycle improvements and I'm so happy to learn that part of it will go to racks -- because if people are going to ride they need to know there's secure bike parking when they get where they're going. I've been collecting pictures of different kinds of high-density racks to present, and want to thank you for the great photography on this site. We are trying to catch up around here and it really helps to learn from people who already "get it." Thanks!

Zakkaliciousness said...

fritz: i can understand that... :-)

tinarama: thanks so much for your comment. so pleased to hear it.