16 July 2008

Summer House Bikes and Other Bits and Pieces

Summer House Bikes: Cobwebs
Three bikes came with the Swedish summer house so I figured it was time to pull them out of the shed and clean them up a bit. But not before I took these photos. I love rusty bikes and cobwebby bikes. It's amazing how the bicycle retains its aesthetic appeal whether new and shiny or old and rusty.
Summer House Bikes: Saddle

Summer House Bikes: Washed

Casting Call
This Copenhagen didn't let her leg cast stop her from getting around. Beats walking.
Swipe and Park
Many stations on the outskirts of the city have loads of bike parking but they also have areas that provide locked bike parking. You get a swipe card for access. Ease of use.
We stopped at a McDonalds on the motorway home from Sweden and I snapped a photo of the bike racks. Most McDonalds have bike racks here and in Sweden. This being a motorway restaurant, the bikes are ridden by the employees.


Matt Boulanger said...

I spent a semester in Copenhagen 10 years ago and had the good fortune to spend a long weekend at a friend's host parent's summer house. I remember bikes like that.

Being in Copenhagen planted a seed that took the next eight years or so to germinate, and finally here I am: I now work as a planner in a town that is trying very hard to build a compact bike-able urban center and riding my bike to the office almost every day. I'm still so glad I went and lived in a place with great transit, bike infrastructure, city bikes, and wonderful culture, as it continues to inform my ideals about what a functioning community should look and work like today. (And I'd give almost anything for a weekend in a Danish summer house and a rusty old bike to tool around on!)

kpankow said...

Is this dynamo on the Swedish bike made in GDR?

Zakkaliciousness said...

a lovely story, matt. thanks for that.

GDR? i don't know. it's possible.