08 August 2008

Bicycle Transport

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
Thanks to Brett, a reader in Portland, for sending us this link to an exhibition by the Ugandan photographer Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine at the Blue Sky Gallery.

“In the passenger seat of my father’s car traversing his native homeland of Uganda, I took photos. On business or pleasure on maram or tarmac roads, our conversation inevitably turned to the boda boda’s – the bicycle men and the fantastical parade of services, goods and people they transported. It is our wonder at their amazing courage, skill and madness that inspired this series.”

Maybe he'll start riding his bike now, instead of driving in his father's car. Fantastic photos nonetheless.

Here's one of my own photos, from 1992, taken in Kashgar [Kashi] in Xianxiang Province in western China.
Kasghar Chicken Express 1992

It's amazing to think how important the bicycle is for third world communities. Which is the idea behind the Danish Baisikeli project, of course.


Charlotte said...

Howdy Copenhagenize -
This is an invitation I think is more for this blog than Copenhagen Girls on Bikes.

My inspiration is getting my kid sister kitted up for bike commuting to college, but it got me wondering how people all over the world handle maintenance issues on their bikes. Do you carry a bag and a pump, spare tubes, etc? Maybe you don't need to in Copenhagen with so much infrastructure?

So anyway, I'm inviting anyone and everyone, in preparation for autumn/la rentrée/back-to-school, to share what you do. I hope cultural differences will be revealed and that we'll all have lots of fun.
Here's the invitation

Philboy said...

At a bike advocacy meeting last month the moderator asked us what our proudest bicycling accomplishment was. Mine was carrying home a 40 pound bag of dogfood on the back rack and a 12 pack of Pilsner Urquell on the front. Guess I need to work my way up to a coffin or a dead hog. What's the biggest thing you've carried more than one? (Not counting Wifealicious)

Zakkaliciousness said...

thanks, charlotte!

philboy: cool! marie posted about this over at Copenhagen Cycle Chic, a while back. Readers comment on their craziest loads.

I've moved flat on a bike once. Thirty trips 1 km down the road using a surplus army bag :-)