12 August 2008

Hanging Around

Bike Parking
This has got to be Copenhagen's smallest backyard. I'd need a fisheye lens to get it all in.

Nevertheless, there is room for a toilet, paper recycling bins and... hanging bicycles.


Anonymous said...

Backyard ? It looks as if it is indoors. Basement ? Just curious, because I cannot imagine the space. The hooks look kind of frightening, like meat hooks !

Zakkaliciousness said...

it's outdoors - the sky is visible five floors above, between these old buildings from the early 1800's.

RH said...

Greetings from Mozambique! Your blog continues to be one of my favorites and I would like to tell you that a new blog has come up to show the Mozambique bike culture. I already have put a link to your blog. Please consider doing the same and tell your readers about this new blog. Pictures and shorts texts to show a bit of the cycle scene here in the south of the African continent. Many thanks!

The Mozambique Bike Culture Blog

Angus said...

This is a great blog. I am falling in love with Denmark all over again :-) The summer parking clip, what is the music?

Zakkaliciousness said...

thanks for that great blog link, rh! wonderful stuff!

angus: thanks, mate. it's a song called Bicycle 9.

angus said...

Thanks for the info and keep up the great work. I'm jealous of the Danish bike culture. In Cornwall (UK) our bike culture is trying not to get run over by cars and lorries ;-) All the best