18 August 2008

How to Promote Cycling Without Fearmongering

Now THIS is how to promote cycling. No fear mongering from helmet advocates, just pure joy. Showing the facts about the health benefits of cycling without mentioning them. Absolutely brilliant advert from Hungary.
Her bag reads, "Bike to Work." The dialogue goes like this:
Lady: Would you like some tea?
Man: Yes, that would be lovely, thanks.
Telltale noises from the other side of the wall.
Lady [muttering under her breath]: You should rather be biking, too, Rezso.

The tagline at the end is "You should rather be biking, too..."

With the Olympics in full swing I thought I'd post this little screen grab:

We fancy our rowing in Denmark - mostly because we usually win medals - and watching the rowing I was fascinated by the long line of bicycles on shore, following the boats. So aesthetic - human powered boats dancing with human-powered bicycles.

Four Vehicles
Here's a little addendum to a previous post about our Electric Boogie elderly/disabled citizens, happily humming about the city. Where's his helmet???!!! Shocking, I know.


cyclingred said...

I was wondering about the boats with the rowing while watching. I was thinking how great it would be to get to ride along like that. The announcer eventually informed us that they were the coaches following along.

Can the elderly on those scooters use your bike lanes? That actually looks pretty scary tucked in all that traffic.

Zakkaliciousness said...

yeah, coaches and other team members. the elderly can use the bike lanes, yes. on this stretch there is a bus lane - blocked at this moment by a scaffolding truck.

it's not scary. the motorists are used to it and you are used to the motorists. if it was scary nobody would do it. but they do.

Christie said...

Is that a commercial on tv? That's hilarious. Every once in awhile some sort of corporate advertiser will try to make a commercial here in the US that sort-of refers to sex, and it usually gets pulled fairly quickly. Maybe if we rode our bikes more, we, too, would find sex fun. :-D

dalos said...

I appreciate that you linked this here! We are working on estabilishing a strong bicycle-culture here, in Hungary. This ad is supports that in a very effective way. What is very surprising - believe me - the ad was made by the government! They began to work on promoting cycling...our civil organisation pushes them constantly to continue...
Great respect for Copenhagen from Budapest!

2whls3spds said...

I will give credit to the electric scooter, at least it appears to have lights. We have a few of those that get into the roadways around here and have nothing to increase their visibility...I suspect it is going to become a larger and larger problem as the baby boomer generation ages out.


David J said...

Nice add. Cycling is just great all round!

Ryan said...

That was one reason why I always tuned into the rowing events at the Olympics.
That and we (Canada) do pretty well in rowing. Also I live in one of the biggest, if not the biggest rowing areas in Canada.

yikes ID said...

The Hungarian commercial is good. This one is funny too.

promoting cycling.