28 August 2008

Promoting Cycling in Belgium

Promoting Cycling in Belgium
This is a current campaign poster for promoting cycling and selling memberships to the Belgian Cyclists' Union - Fietsersbond VZW.
You're not in doubt here. Cycling is fun, safe and sociable!

I'm guessing again, but I'm thinking it says something like, "Wanted! Cyclists [male/female]".


amsterdamize said...

100% correct on the first part, the second part:

Is the bike your passion, your freedom or daily mode of transport? Then become member of the Cyclists' Union now and enjoy the many (membership) benefits.

burrito said...

It's depressing to think that such a happy scene would probably get you a ticket here - "two people on one bike, no helmets - GASP! Someone could DIE!" [eyeroll] Hopefully we'll get there one day!

What a great ad - makes me want to get out with my bike right now, despite the rain!

Raquel said...

i lived in ghetn for a year and all the people use bikes, why they have to promote them??

Zakkaliciousness said...

because, raquel, not EVERYBODY uses them. Yet.

amsterdamize said...

cycling promotion never stops in the Netherlands either, Raquel, same reason.

Raquel said...
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Raquel said...

But here in Spain, there are a few bike-addicts, like me, and they dont have any promo!!!how can we solve that?

Eva said...

Dear Raquel, here Eva from the Cyclists' union in Belgium. Thank you for the positive feedback on our promotion campaign. Maybe you can adress yourself to our Spanish collegues ?

http://www.conbici.org - Coordinadora en defensa de la bici;
http://www.amicsdelabici.org - Amics de la bici (Catalonië);
http://www.acontramano.org - A Contramano, Asamblea Ciclista de Sevilla;
http://www.pedalibre.org - Asociación Cicloturista de Usuarios de la Bicicleta.

Zakkaliciousness said...

thanks for that, eva.
i wouldn't mind interviewing someone from the belgian fietsersbond. can you please email me at copenhagencyclechic [at] gmail com