27 September 2008

Good-bye, Mr Newman. And thank you.


nollij said...

2:05-2:11 doing the Rollie Free... I'd totally forgotten about that. Newman was awesome... sad that he went the way he did. I hope he didn't suffer long... gasping for air sucks, I know I watched my dad die from liver cancer and his final few moments were brutal to watch as he gasped for his final breath. More inspiration to get out there and ride and reduce the number of cars on the road!

Koll said...

Good show as well. The man oozed class.

Thanks for the vid, he will be dearly missed, not just as an actor and all around great guy, but as a common sense progressive who did what he could to make people think and do the right thing.

He just had the ability to use his star power in a consistent, calm, and focused manner, making people re-think what they wanted and what was worth it.

He will be missed.