12 September 2008

Musical Bicycles

There are scores of songs outside of Denmark that include the bicycle and one of our readers, Ronald, started this little series by suggesting The Descendants. They're a punkrocky kind of band, a kind of poor man's Blink 182 or Green Day. But there are bicycle-related lyrics:

"What will it be like when I get old? Will I still hop on my bike and ride around town?"

Two-thirds of the way into the video there are some shots of the band riding normal bikes in normal clothes.

Then you have The Red Hot Chili Peppers and their Bicycle Song featuring these lyrics in the chorus:

"How could I forget to mention, the bicycle is a good invention..."

Disclaimer: The inclusion of these videos does not necessarily reflect my own musical tastes.


John the Monkey said...

Hi guys,

A radio show called "Ruby's Chicky Boil Ups" did a cycling special not so long ago that had lots of seldom heard songs about the bicycle in it.

The podcast download is here, if you're interested;


Tony Bullard said...

"The Descendants. They're a punkrocky kind of band, a kind of poor man's Blink 182 or Green Day."

Wow. You better hope Descendants fans don't read that. Green Day is one thing, but Blink 182 just hurts.

del said...

The Descendents have been around longer than Blink 182 and Green Day and those two bands most likely count them as a major influence on their music.


"a kind of poor man's Blink 182 or Green Day"? Jeez!

Zakkaliciousness said...

haha, sorry lads. didn't mean to offend. it was an 'ear' call.

Ron said...

Unfortunately the Descendents have not been in the public eye as much as these other bands mentioned, whom were influenced by the Descendents clearly, so a lot of people are not familiar with them these days. Hell, they release records as often as Guns N' Roses. Damn Milo for having a real career (he is a research biochemist).