13 September 2008

Promoting Bikes and... um... bike racks

It's hard to gauge this 'Safe for Work' concept prevalent in North America. Here it's 'anything goes - anywhere' so I don't know if this German bicycle advert is considered rude, offensive or pinko commie subversive by your Employment Lords. The 'shocking' bit is at the end, anyway and speakers are fine.

It's a funny German advert for a bicycle sales website called Bikie.de. The text at the end reads:

"A wheel for each and every arse." Wheel being the slang for bike in German.

I recall reading an article recently about a Danish company that bought subscriptions to the porn website of their employees choice as one of the company's perks and in order to stop virus attacks and spam from unreliable porn sites that the employees wandered into during the course of the day. A rather different approach.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize.com were, surprisingly, nominated for the Copenhagen Environment Award 2008. One of our readers in Copenhagen surprised us by sending in a nomination. Thanks, Claus! We didn't win - a small environmental intiative called Vestergror did, but the jury had only nice things to say. They wished they could have seen stats about whether or not the blogs have encouraged more people to ride their bikes in urban settings.

So, here's a poll, so we can win the facker next year:


Peter said...


Anonymous said...

I guess the bike rack people in the video are praying for more track bikes and fewer mountain bikes! Ouch !!
-M melbourne

Karl McCracken said...

That's very funny - it's amazing what you can do with a 22 second video.

The inspiration might have been a joke told by Billy Connolly in the mid '70s on prime-time, stiff-upper-lip-and-none-of-that-nonsense British TV.

Anonymous said...

Your literal translation is not really correct. "Rad" means indeed "bike" in this context. It isn't slang, it's just an alternate word.

Chris Miller said...

Actually, the translation of the German is "For every ass/arse/bum/butt (choose your local equivalent), the right bike" or more idiomatically, "(There's) a bike to go with every (size) ass".

And several languages use words meaning (riding) wheel (other than variants of the Greek 'kyklos') for bikes: (Fahr)rad in German, (rij)wiel in a more official style of Dutch, or (jízdní) kolo in Czech.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was very Funny, I played it again and again four or five times.One could Produce a Sticker with those Words and perhaps an Arse on a Bike and sell it to Bike enthusiasts. I notice he did not Chain up his Bike to any Appendage.Norbert Malone

Anonymous said...

Definitely would be considered NotSafeForWork in the US.

naesemand said...

I´d like to mention that "Arsch" is the German word for "arse/butt" but as well a rude insult meaning "idiot" or "asshole".

So you can read either "The right bike for each and every arse" or "The right bike for each and every idiot".

I´d go for the latter... :-P