08 September 2008

Promoting Cycling - Follow Your Folly

Another lovely advert blending bikes and beer. What a great mood. It's a brewery in the States called New Belgium and their Fat Tire Beer.

Important Issues Facing Copenhageners
I had a quick look through my photo archives for "beer, bike" and found these photos I've taken. Which has nothing to do with anything, really. But beer and bikes are big in Denmark. Separately or together.

Copenhagen Summer: Beer

Party Prep

Style Over Speed


del said...

New Belgium Brewery has a traveling festival called Tour de Fat, "a Ballyhoo of Bikes and Beer". The Tour travels to various U.S. cities like, Chicago, San Francisco, Truckee, Seattle, Portland, Boise, Fort Collins, Denver, Durango, Tempe, and Austin.

This past weekend the Tour returned home to the "mothership" for a huge celebration. There were over 5000 bicycles on the streets of Ft. Collins. Lots of homemade bicycles and I even saw a bakfiets.

Here are some videos:


and photos here:


lauren said...

del - you beat me to it!

I was going to say similar, but also say that after a year all employees of New Belgium get a handbuilt bike, and after 5 years with the company get a trip to Belgium.


Here are some pictures from when the Tour hit Chicago in June:


stevo9er said...

My favorite video if theirs is the one where the guy is riding his bike into work, rides through some nice areas, rides along side some dogs, and when he gets there everyone is waiting for him in celebration and there are hi-fives all around. At the same time they are showing a guy stuck in traffic in his SUV clearly agitated. Haha.

nobeer said...

Beer is a stinky liquid based on the metabolic waste of microorganisms. It´s their alcoholic wee.

But I like bikes, especially the Pedersen.

Jonno! said...

New Belgium ftw, Fat Tire is my favorite beer of all time.

Robert P said...

Love that photo of the guy by the waterside- The Little Merman! :D