06 September 2008


Cyklister paa kørebanen
I love this sign. See it all the time. "Cyclists in the driving lane". It is usually posted when there new segregated bike lanes are being built and the cyclists are redirected into traffic. Don't worry. It's not dangerous. We're used to it, motorists and cyclists alike.

I like the tone. There are cyclists in the driving lane. Period. Adjust accordingly to this fact.
Det er for vildt
A bike sticker. "This is too wild." Indeed.


twodeadpoets said...

I took a picture today of an interesting manufacturer's sticker warning the owner of this bike

Image here: http://www.bluesteelroads.com/2008/09/multimedia-message.html

Maybe someone else can embed the image

David Hembrow said...

That's amusing. I just wrote about a very similar sign just up the road from here.

Ours reads (in Dutch) "warning - cyclists in bus lane", but the buses are actually banished from the bus lane so that cyclists can have it all to themselves.