16 October 2008

Bad Branding, Good Branding and Imminent Winter

How not to brand cycling. Ooh, dangerous. Owner's manual?! I was at my local bike shop - one of the 25 within one km of my flat - and asked if he had owner's manuals since I'd never seen one or recieved one when buying a bike before. He just laughed.

I don't care if it's one of those fixie things. I'll consider riding it.

A Danish reader, Anne, sent this in. The Bicicle, she calls it, and rightly so. Careful where you park your bike in the winter. Beware of leaky eavestroughs.


Kevin Love said...

Is this photo from the USA? I've seen all kinds of strange lawyer-inspired warning labels from that source. Comes from having a sue-happy culture.

Still, no riding at night is insane. Warning labels become ineffective when they become of the type "this label is to cover my ass, but I don't really expect anyone to follow the stupid instructions here."

The Jolly Crank said...

Yeah, have you ever seen the label stickers on an ordinary house ladder sold in the USA? Or the pictures on 5 gallon buckets that tell you not to store your baby in it? Insane is right!
Speaking of bad branding, has anyone done a Top 10 list of movies with negative branding for bikes? I'd nominate "40 Year Old Virgin." A funny movie, but I didn't like that one of the ways the main character "grew up" was to give up his bike and learn to drive a car.

disgruntled said...

Maybe some stickers like that on cars? 'Caution: can kill people', perhaps?

njh said...

the jolly crank: that movie annoyed me for exactly the same reason. My next thought was, ok, he's going to become fat and abusive.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Do Not Procreate.

Do Not Think.

Never Leave the Safety of Your Work Desk.

Happiness Kills.

Ah well. I already knew I was damned to hell, mine as well go ride without my helmet in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Picture 2 and 3. Thats why I moved from Copenhagen to Sydney.

What I am referring to is the weather not the girls. Sydney wins regarding weather. Copenhagen wins (hands down) regarding girls.

Kevin Love said...

When I was in the USA, my favourite warning label was on a jar of peanuts:

"Allergy alert: may contain peanuts"

2whls3spds said...

The warning labels in the US are a sight to behold. One of my favorite on the gas tank of my former motorcycle read: "Preserve Nature Wear a Helmet" We consumed many a beer trying to figure that one out. To me the funny and sad part is that most warning labels are caused because some idiot did just what it warns about and sued.


chococat78 said...

This is too funny :)