25 October 2008

Bike Action with Google

A short little video as a supplement to a project proposal sent in to Google's Project 10 to the 100th competition.

It's a competition involving ideas that can help the most people. My friend Joel - Mr Sustainability - and I have sent in an project we call Bike Action aimed at getting more people to ride their bicycles around the world. The application allowed a short 30 second video, as above.

This is the film from Google about the project.

The gig is like this: Out of all the submissions, 100 will be chosen and the public can vote for 20 semi-finalists. I read that over 100,000 entries were recieved.

The 100 projects will be revealed at the end of January.


lehommeeaulevelo said...

I was just beginning to enjoy the First Clip then it was over. I wonder would he be allowed to ride his Bike with his Son like that also without Helmets in Amerique where he comes from without the Helmet control Police coming after him. The second Film was good also with all the Pollution from Cars going in the Peoples Faces, I hate that Cycling behind Cars and Trucks at Traffic Lights and having a big Load of Fumes from Petrol and Diesel going into my Gob. I just have to push ahead of these Vehicles to get away from the Smoke.

acline said...

Good luck! I'd love to see you win!

Zakkaliciousness said...


lehommeaulevelo: the fumes are worse inside the cars

lehommeaulevelo said...

I was not criticizing ,you are absolutely right about the Fumes in the Vehicles. Except it is worse in Dublin with our Narrow Cycle Lanes and nowhere to get away from the Fumes. It is very bad at Rush Hour especially when it is Raining in the Evening time, it seems to Coagulate the Pollution. I always try to get ahead of Traffic at the Lights and Wait for the Lights to Change.Oh and good Luck in the Competition Hope you Win.